14 Jan
Is your Anxiety playing Havoc with you!

It’s not surprising, considering everything that’s going on. Some of us have been isolated from everyone and everything we love and some of us have suddenly had all these extra responsibilities added to our day.Wherever you sit on that scale, life’s really challenging right now.

Our anxiety will tell us the worse case scenario, will play on our fears and worries. Whisper in your ear all the things that will go wrong. So, in those moments, try to offer yourself some compassion and remember that they are just thoughts. They are not the truth, they cannot tell us the future, they are not reality. They are simply thoughts.

To begin with, start to notice what your thoughts are saying to you? If you can, write them down, keep a “thought” journal. Notice how they make you feel, what you imagine is going to happen? How your body responds? Do you get hot? Start trembling? Feel sick or get headaches? The more aware you are that you’re having negative thoughts, and the impact it has on you, the more you will be able to begin challenging them and shifting them into a more realistic mindset.

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