16 Jan
What is Bilateral movement?

Bilateral movement is one of the easiest ways to help calm down your nervous system. The rhythmic pattern of movement helps to activate and balance activity in both sides of the brain which, in turn, can help to reduce anxiety, emotional dysregulation and improve focus and concentration. 

As you may know, we have two hemispheres of the brain. Now Neuroscience is still a relatively young field, there is still so much to learn about the complexity of the brain and its function. What we do know though is, that there are different roles played by the different sides and areas of the brain and, that integrating neural networks appears to be helpful in resolving traumatic memories.       

I often use bilateral movement with my clients when they are feeling overwhelmed in sessions as I find it helps to provide a sense of grounding. Bringing the mind back into the "here and now" and away from the "there and then". The great thing about Bilateral movement, or tapping, is that its completely free, easy to do and, once you understand the principles, you can use it anytime you need to. 

Bilateral movement exercises involve tapping on either side of your body, in an alternating and steady left, right, left, right pattern. Think of your spine as being your mid-line to distinguish each alternating side, whilst breathing slowly and deep. This can be done by tapping the outside areas of our arms, on our thighs or even stomping our feet, one by one. Walking and jogging are also a form of bilateral movement and are great way of releasing endorphins as well.

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