16 Feb
What is Mental Health?

We all have Mental Health, the same as we all have physical health. When we have a cold, our physical health suffers, we feel run down, maybe achey and tired.

When we experience a stressful situation or traumatic event, then our mental health is impacted. Affecting how we think, feel and act. Peaks and troughs in our psychical health are taken for granted. We know that we will likely get something impact us at some point, so why the reluctance to accept that the same thing happens to our mental health as well?

Even during your happiest periods you still have mental health. It’s just at that moment you have no worries or stressors causing conflict in your life.......At no point do you NEVER have Mental Health.

So lets drop the stigma please and just recognise that mental health is more like a spectrum. We’re all on it, and over our lives, we will slide our way up and down - just like we do with our physical health.

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