What is Counselling? image

Life can bring up challenges and sometimes stressful situations, thoughts and feelings may stop us from doing things we enjoy. We may be feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed and want to change that but do not know how to.

The therapeutic relationship is unique, different to the ones we have with friends and family. It is a space where you can explore difficult and important feelings safely, with someone who is trained to help you make sense of these issues. My approach is integrative, which means I will work alongside you in the way that suits you and your needs.

Counselling provides an opportunity, through exploration of your feelings, to pick apart and address the life experiences they might relate to, such as trauma, difficult family dynamics, abandonment and loss.

Counselling is a safe and confidential environment that offers you freedom to explore whatever you need to without the burden of being judged or told what you should do. It can be the one place where you feel able to explore your own feelings, begin to understand what you want from your life and become the person you want to be.